Don't Just Set Goals.
Hunt Them.

Galen Rupp and Alberto Salazar train for the ultimate goal of Gold in Rio by creating what they call stepping stone goals. Using each goal as preparation for Galen to be in the ultimate position when it comes time to run in Rio.

The Zoom Structure Triax has been Galen's tool that has driven him to reach all his accomplishments and now for the first time he can personalize the Structure with his inspiration and stare down his goals every time he laces up.

Focused on the 5K
The 5k American Record’s days are numbered. Galen Rupp has his sights set on12:53, and he has a customized remiender every time he laces up in the new Structure Triax iD.

Pushing for the podium
Galen Rupp keeps his goals where he can see them. On his shoes. And from now until next year’s world championships, his mind will be on a medal.

Ready. Set. Rio.
Everything Galen Rupp does, from long runs on the trail, to the tongue of his trainers, points to
his ultimate goal: Gold in Rio.

This project was a huge collaboration with an amazing group of talented folks internally at Nike as well as some external partners:
Creative Agency: Thousands
Copywriter: Shamus Eaton
Director: Mike McGrath