Hey thanks for stopping by! Random Folk is the portfolio of Creative Director, Evan DeHaven as well as his collaborations with Producer, Christine DeHaven. 

We have been collaborating and married for over 20 years across, web, digital and traditional advertising, film and photography production.

After running our own agency for many years and then venturing off into other experiences we decided that we wanted to scale things back and offer our partners a much more scalable and bespoke collective that meets their needs rather than forcing a specifc team and approach.

“Random Folk” is meant literally, we don’t force a plan or pattern of approach or team, instead each project we pull together a specifc group of  talent to meet the needs (the right tool for the job).

Evan is a well rounded Creative who has worked across all aspects of film, content and advertising both agency and brand side.

Christine is a seasoned producer and content creator who has worked across digital, web and photography production.

So if you're looking for a well rounded team who can help you tackle a brief from concept through production we might just be your folk 😉.

If not all good, just happy you took the chance to check out our portfolio!