Hey thanks for stopping by, my name is Evan DeHaven. You probably know that if you made it this far, hehe. Below is a bit about me, but holler if you want to chat more: evan.randomfolk@gmail.com

Throughout my career, I have been in search of the skills which will continue to help me become a better storyteller and problem solver. Through this search, I have sat in almost every role from PA to Director from Programmer to Animator and from Writer to Designer. For me being good at a lot of things has always been more important than fantastic at one single thing.

This has allowed me to take on a huge variety of projects from start to finish and has also allowed me to become a better creative leader. It has afforded the opportunity to clearly understand what it takes to get a project across the finish line and to speak to all the roles. Ultimately allowing me to give clear direction and solve problems at every step of the project.

Besides creative, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit helping build businesses and even starting multiple of my own companies. This understanding of business allows me as a creative to help better solve my clients' business needs through the creative process.

So if you're looking for a well rounded creative who can help you tackle a brief from concept through production I might just be your guy.

If not all good, just happy you took the chance to check out my portfolio!