Comic-Con 2011

We created a double-sided 10'x9' interactive TouchWall display for Lionsgate Films' Comic-Con 2011 booth to help visitors get up close and personal with the studio's upcoming summer & fall releases. Ignition developed all elements of the TouchWall infrastructure including the user interface and all social extensions for the experience. We also created custom digital content for delivery on both individual 65" touchscreen displays and across three-screen arrays on both sides of the installation.

Interface Design

Wall Design

Executive Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
Creative Director: Chris Eyerman
Producer: Ben Battistelli
Lead Developers: Codin Pangell, Matthew Goshman
Developer: Matt Webster
Art Directors: Lucas Camargo, Diego Zambrano
Sound Designer: Bob Partridge
3D Model Development: Shadedbox
Carpenter: Walter Martinez