Power lies in

Who I am, Who I want to become.
What I stand for, what makes me stand out.
My identity.
It starts with a spark.
A moment.
An idea.
A cause.

To launch the new Digital PID (personal identification) service for NIKEID we created a series of assets to live online and within Nike stores along with a digital hub and new customization tool on Nike.com

Nike.com hub
We created an online hub for the new Digital PID (personal id) customization service which allowed consumers to browse products and begin personalizing.

This project was a huge collaboration with an amazing group of talented folks internally at Nike as well as some external partners:
Creative Agency: Los York
Managing Partner: Dexton Deboree
Account Director: Kenny Heinau
Creative Director: Sean Dougherty
Copywriter: Andrew Smart
Producer: Melina Osornio