Self expression: It empowers us. It defines our individuality. It reveals who we are. Because style is a deeply personal act of self expression, NIKEiD puts the power of creation into your hands. It's true individuality—achieved through performance, fit, and style. Create your custom original.

The following is an example of the library of content we created to live across the Nike social ecosystem and within Nike stores around the world.

In-Store Film
We created a demonstration film to be displayed around the world inside Nike stores.

This project was a huge collaboration with an amazing group of talented folks internally at Nike as well as some external partners:
Director: Angus Wall
Executive Producer: Troy Courtney
Production Company: Elastic
Music: Bob Partridge
Photographer: Ja Tecson
Digital Agency: Instrument
Product Photography: Instrument
Animation: Laundry
Creative Team: Aramis Israel, Julia Tsao, Matt Bunnell, Ashley Crandall, Nina Kauffman, Andy Kadin, Justin Lewis, Toby Grubb, PJ Richardson, Coryna Sorin.