The Ninja x Adidas partnership is all about the journey of putting TIME IN doing what you love. So far, we’ve told the story of the dedication it takes to pursue your passion, embodied by the more than 20k hours Ninja has invested at his computer, and we’ve inspired fans to believe in the things they love doing by inviting them to “Chase the Spark” like Tyler.

But the truth is, you can’t talk about any TIME IN journey without acknowledging the obstacles along the way. For this third chapter of the Ninja x adidas story, we take an irreverent, inspirational approach that reminds our fans that the challenges they face are all just a part of the grind of becoming better. Inspired by the truth that the ZX product and accompanying apparel are designed to be the ultimate in comfort, we’re inviting people to get comfortable… with finding themselves in uncomfortable situations. Because that’s how we grow. The campaign is built around product and motivational copy brought to life with quirky typography and bright colors to capture the playful, irreverent EMBRACE THE GRIND spirit.

At 3AM we have a small 3 person team so in my role I wear many hats and on this campaign it ranged from concept, design to animator along side my creative counter part Molly Douglas and producing rock star Mel Langass.

Twitch Launch Party
We concepted and produced with our partners NGE an amazing 4 hour long live stream event where fans got to sabotage Ninja and see if he could really “Embrace The Grind” and overcome the obstacles. Along with special guests NFL Wide Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh Steelers), Tyshawn Jones (Winner of the 2018 Thrasher Skater of the Year award), Pusha T (Def Jam Recording Artist) and pro gaming streamers Balla TW and MonsterDFace.

Fans were rewarded with an unprecedented amount of giveaways including 10 luck winners receiving loot crates with the entire collection!!


Campaign Assets

Executive Creative Director / Writer / Designer - Evan DeHaven
Creative Director / Senior Copy Writer - Molly Douglas
Producer - Mel Langaas
Designer - Mercedes Bazan
Product Photographer - Christine DeHaven
CMO - Tara Deveaux
Account - Jason Rein

Cody Stanasze
Aaron Sheinberg
Liz Forkin
Ben Nichol
Ben Montague
Drew Carroll
Dustin Wang
Jordan Blitzstein
Mark Logan
Xander Denke

Loaded Team:
Andy Burdin
Colin DeShong
Niles Heron
Yoni Ginsberg

Product Design:
Rick Williams - Distinct Life

adidas Team:
Georgia Wagstaff
Bethany Paternostro
Laura Leland
Paul Webber
Trent Yarnell