A quaratine project to keep my hands and mind busy!

For me this project was about getting back to my roots and pushing myself to learn new skills sets and further develop my abilities as a maker.

When I started this project I had never done any metal fabrication, welding or engine building but I was determined to make this bike completely with my own 2 hands so lots of research and YouTube and I was able to develop the skills needed to accomplish my vision. Along side me was my two boys, Miles (11) and Ash (9) who helped with the entire bike even building the engine which was so gratifying. My fathers day present was them starting the engine for the first time.

The design was inspired by my childhood as I grew up in the late 70's early 80's at race tracks all around the Pacific Northwest as my dad's hobby was sports car racing. I drew inspiration from all the European import cars most people were using and stripping down to the bare elements except for things like the leather seats, this mixture of raw performance and opulence was my design inspiration. The perforated metal and leather seat draws back to Porsche's and VW's of that era. For me this bike was all about a clean aesthetic with beautiful lines and simplicity of color.

Huge Thank you to my good friend Chris Patey for the amazing photos, you are a legend! https://www.chrispatey.com/

A look inside the process

Although my boys (ages 9-11) and I made the bike completely with our own hands we used a lot of amazing vendors and would like to thank them!

Cognito Moto
David Silver Spares
Revival Cycles
Purpose Built Moto