Transmedia Campaign

20th Century Fox hired Ignition to formulate and execute a sprawling multi-phase integrated campaign for Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to sci-fi, Prometheus.

We crafted a months-long campaign that expertly combined a mix of social, traditional, and transmedia storytelling to bring the fictional entity of Weyland industries—the mysterious corporation behind Project Prometheus—to life. Over the course of the campaign, fans were treated to an array of interactive experiences, original photo & video content, and detailed background info about the world of Prometheus. The campaign has been held up as a benchmark example for digital marketing by Forbes, Mashable, Ad Age and Fast Company, among others.

Story Films
RSA and Filmmaker Ridley Scott created a series of short films which helped further build the world and narrative we were creating to help lead up to the film debut.

We created a series of websites to browse and discuover content to better understand the world and characters.

View Weyland Industries
View Discover New Worlds
View Project Prometheus Training Center
View Project Genesis
Meet David

Executive Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
Creative Director: Chris Eyerman
Director of Production: Maiko Sakurai
Director of Strategy: James Cobo
Lead Developers: Matt Johnston, Matthew Goshman
Art Director: Nick Boes
Designers: Andy Burdin, Wilson Saloj, Jacob Jansson, Lucas Camargo, Nick Jones, Anyez Cheung
Copywriters: Ashley Crandall, Nina Kauffman, Meredith Rose, Charlie Short
Producers: Sheila Iverson, Jamie somphanthabansouk, Parker Sapp
3D Model Development: Shaded Box, Octavio Minozzo, Vit Liskutin, Kevin Cahill
Compositing: Eric Dehaven
VFX: The Molecule, Luis de Leon
Live Action Shoot: Robert Uncles, Stuart Cropley, Morgan Locke
Developers: Matt Matijevich, Thomas Mulloy, David Benjamin, Andres Cruz, Ryan Hovland, Codin Pangell
3D Game Development: Plain Concepts
Social Media Coordinators: Lindsey Shaw, Amber Eyerman
Sound Designer: Bob Partridge