Resident Evil:
Eat Like A Tyrant

Umbrella Corporation is constantly pursuing their agenda of spreading the T-Virus in order to garner more test subjects for their malicious experiments. Screen Gems and Ignition Interactive brought that agenda to life by benevolently providing hungry Comic-Con goers with a little Umbrella Corporation sponsored nourishment. As always, Umbrella Corporation achieved their aim by successfully turning the San Diego Convention center into a second Raccoon City.

Many thanks to the talented copy writer Ashley Crandall who championed this project and lead with a great vision and example.

Making of photos
Making edible hands and feet took a lot of trial and error and many talented people with crazy ideas. From figuring out how to 3D print a relistic mold that would withstand repeated baking temperatures to the talented chefs who helped create edible dies that looked and tasetd great.

Executive Producer: Maiko Sakurai
Executive Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
Copy Writer: Ashley Crandall
Junior Copy Writer: Nina Kaufman
Mold Creator: Shawn Zindroski
Event Coordinator: Nate Wehrman
Event Coordinator: Matt Webster