SYFY25: Origin Stories, hosted by Adam Savage, is a nostalgic celebration of all things science fiction.

In this podcast series Adam sits down with creators, thought-leaders, and celebrity fans to discuss the moments, people, and milestones that have changed the genre universe forever. From revealing personal anecdotes to deep philosophical discussions, there’s something for every fan. Guests include genre heavyweights from Chris Hardwick, Frank Oz, and Kevin Smith, to Neil Gaiman, DC Fontana and Ron Moore, among many others.  Join us, as we jump into the wormhole…

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Animated Short Films
Knowing getting listeners to jumpinto a new podcast series can be challeneging we created a series of short animated films with excerpts from the podcats to help spark intrigue and traffic to

Host: Adam Savage
Research: Norman Chan
Creative Director: Evan DeHaven
Showrunner: Jennifer Heftler
Senior Producer: Jonny Edwards
Post Producer: Tim Scheeser
Creative Team: Alex Schaeffer, Abbas Deidehban
Mix / Sound Design: Jeff Fuller, Jesse Herrera
Sound Producers: Erin Reilly, Angela Scherrah
Editors: Nick Gartner, Meridith Sommers, Chris Lockett, David Friedman
Animation: Laundry